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Integration Intelligence (i2) is an entire organization dedicated to excellence in IT Security and Services delivery. Our services span Professional, engagement based consulting services, to fully Managed service delivery.

Our services are broken into different areas based on technology or delivery specialization. Please click on any of our services below for more information:

Intelligence ... Applied


Retaining and investing in the best technological, and professional talent in the northeast is a focus of our entire enterprise..


The vision to understand what our clients are asking, where technology is going, and how to apply these pieces together.


Applying talented people to innovate solutions for our customers - that's value. That's Integration Intelligence.

In a world of 'commoditized' services, it is challenging to find an organization that specializes in Customized services. Services that require knowledge, understanding and Intelligence. Services that focus on an understanding of our customers' specific issues. Solutions that leverage technology to an organization’s best benefit, in a clean and cost-effective manner. That is technological advantage. That’s applied knowledge. That's Integration Intelligence.

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