About i2

i2 is an organization made up of professionals who are dedicated to acquiring knowledge and APPLYING Intelligence to business and technical problems. We bring this vision from:
  • Global perspective - i2 has designed, implemented and migrated solutions across the globe to leverage value across borders and boundaries.
    i2 University – at i2 we understand that our product is our PEOPLE. As such, we have a structured, consultative training approach that invests in our people to assure the highest possible delivery to our customers.
    Enterprise experience – weather you are a small business or fortune 500 company, i2 brings an enterprise-based understanding of technology and appropriate scale to our solutions. Our clients range from the fortune 500 to the small professional business. As such, we bring enterprise-class technology understanding to small businesses, and small business operational efficiencies to the enterprise!
    Project Discipline – having a world-class Project Management Office within our own organization, each i2 project is effectively managed to critical objectives, timelines and budgets. In 2010 alone, I2 has managed some of the most complex project initiatives of the year across the globe.

Integration Intelligence LLC

That's smart.
In a world of 'commoditized' services, it is challenging to find an organization that specializes in Customized services. Services that require knowledge, understanding and Intelligence. Services that focus on an understanding of our customers' specific issues. Solutions that leverage technology to an organization’s best benefit, in a clean and cost-effective manner. That is technological advantage. That’s applied knowledge. That's Integration Intelligence.

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