Apr 2011

Cyber attacks rise at critical infrastructure firms

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure companies are on the rise, according to a new report. While attacks are increasing, many companies are not doing enough to protect their systems. Click Here to read more.

Epsilon a victim of spear-phishing attack

The massive data breach at Epsilon may have been caused by a targeted spear-phishing campaign that the company should have known about for at least 4 months. According to sources, Epsilon and Atlanta-based Silverpop, another email service provider, were both victims of a series of social engineering attacks directed specifically against email service providers. Click Here to read more.

RSA hackers exploited Flash zero-day bug

Last month’s hack of RSA Security began with an exploit of a then unpatched vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. According to RSA, the attackers gained access to its network by sending two small groups of employees e-mail attachments. Click Here to read more.