CEO says hackers tried to extort data, money

Karim Hijazi knew his nightmare was just beginning when he saw that a mysterious e-mail had arrived in his inbox at 3 a.m. on May 26 that included his e-mail password and the subject line "Let us talk." Click Here to read more.

Cyber attacks rise at critical infrastructure firms

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure companies are on the rise, according to a new report. While attacks are increasing, many companies are not doing enough to protect their systems. Click Here to read more.

Epsilon a victim of spear-phishing attack

The massive data breach at Epsilon may have been caused by a targeted spear-phishing campaign that the company should have known about for at least 4 months. According to sources, Epsilon and Atlanta-based Silverpop, another email service provider, were both victims of a series of social engineering attacks directed specifically against email service providers. Click Here to read more.

RSA hackers exploited Flash zero-day bug

Last month’s hack of RSA Security began with an exploit of a then unpatched vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player. According to RSA, the attackers gained access to its network by sending two small groups of employees e-mail attachments. Click Here to read more.

Failure to encrypt portable devices inexcusable, say analysts

The continuing failure by most enterprises to encrypt sensitive data stored on laptops and other mobile devices is inexcusable, analysts said. BP disclosed this week that data was compromised regarding a lost laptop. The computer contained unencrypted personal data such as names, Social Security numbers, etc belonging to 13,000 individuals. Click Here to read more.