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Integration Intelligence (i2) is an entire organization dedicated to excellence in IT services delivery. Our services span Professional, engagement based consulting services, to fully Managed service delivery.

Our services are broken into different areas based on technology or delivery specialization. Please click on any of our services below for more information:

Integration Intelligence


Driving the value of your business through strategic use of technology. That's smart.


Small company to large, basic attack to advanced, every connected system today needs SECURITY.


Applying talented people to innovate solutions for our customers - that's value. That's Integration Intelligence.

At i2, we believe that there is no "one size fits all" approach to consulting or outsourcing. That is why we provide tiered layers of service for our clients. While some organizations are looking to focus on their core business rather than their IT management, other organizations simply need specialized advice, design or implementation services. That's agile. That's smart - That's Integration Intelligence.

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