Open Automation 2.0

Force10 Networks, Inc., the leader in high-performance data center networking, today announced Open Automation 2.0, a major expansion of its Open Automation Framework – a standards-based approach to network automation that optimizes data center network performance and efficiency and lays the foundation for cloud-based services. Open Automation leverages new “open” elements within the modular Force10 Operating System (FTOS) software that streamline the data center network fabric’s ability to participate in automated, policy-driven, real-time workload allocation in response to changing application and service demands. Open Automation 2.0 extends these capabilities with the debut of the DevExchange development community and ScriptStoreSM, an open exchange for SmartScripts.
“Force10 has taken cloud network data centers to a new level by enabling the developer community to automate key data center operations,” said Ray Mota, analyst with ACG Research. “By opening up a developer exchange for SmartScripts, Force10 can leverage the power of the developer and user communities to accelerate the creation of a whole ecosystem of automated solutions for its switches.”